Continue to Move Forward in Order to Enhance Sustainability

WISMILAK is an Indonesian cigarette company which was established in Surabaya in 1962. With more than 60 years of experience, Wismilak continues to make progress in the development of business technology, human resources and marketing in order to enhance sustainability.

Kretek as Cultural Heritage
Tobacco as we know it today is approximately have been known and used by Native Americans 6000 years BCE.
Grha Wismilak
National Cultural Heritage
Grha Wismilak is a two-story building which features a colonial style and is estimated to be built in the 1920s. Grha Wismilak is a cultural heritage site protected by the government of Surabaya City.
Successful with Wismilak
We understand that employees are the vital asset for Wismilak. Hence, we are committed to always providing opportunities for every employee to grow, develop and become successful with Wismilak.
Wismilak News Releases
27 May 2024
Press Release - Wismilak Performance First Quarter 2024
16 October 2023
Public Disclosure
10 December 2021