Wismilak believes that Indonesia has a wide array of wealth and is a great home for the nation’s most valuable assets. By sharing and continuing to make progress together, we can look after Indonesia’s strength and, hand-in-hand, build the country toward better future.



Wismilak Social Responsibility in the field of social and community development is implemented through the WISMILAK BERBAGI program. This program is built on 5 (five) pillars, namely:

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility In The Man Power, Occupational Health and Safety

The Company constantly strives to improve the capacity and capability of employees through a series of training programs which in 2018 were followed by 3,532 employees.

Throughout the year 2018, the number of health checks carried out at the Company Clinic were 9,843 Medical Check-ups, 249 K2 examinations, 257 Non K2 examinations, and 1.720 pregnancy Check-ups. The Company also provides lactation chamber for nursing mothers in Wismilak workplace.

The total cost incurred to carry out activities in the field of Manpower and Occupational Helath and Safety, throughout 2018, amounted to Rp25,068,031,650.

Social Responsibility In the Environment

The company is committed to reducing the impact of the Company's activities on nature and also providing quality products to meet consumer needs. This commitment is a form of participation of all Wismilak employees.

Throuhout 2018, the total cost incurred to carry out activities in the environtal field amounted to Rp454,826,636

Social Responsibility in the Social Community

The activities carried out are based on the Company's contribution to the people in need, in the form of Peduli Budaya, Peduli Sosial, Peduli Olahraga, Peduli Pendidikan, Peduli Wirausaha.

In 2016, the entrepreneurial competition, Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) held by the Company won the award as the 2016 Best Creative Public Relations Program from MIX Magazine.

Wismilak has realized budget of Rp9,705,578,978,- for activities in the social sector throughout 2018.

Social Responsibility to the Customers

The Company applied Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) concept in all production process so that the overall procedure is conducted in a planned, systematic and controlled

manner, in terms of materials, processes or products.

The Company also performs analysis and competitor mapping by applying the Qualitative Descriptive Analysis and Visual Quality Index systems to supervise and understand the organoleptic quality position and product visual of the Company.

The Company also strives to be able to anticipate complaints as early as possible. Therefore, the Company provides services to submit questions, complaints, or suggestions from all Stakeholders through electronic mail at or through post at PO BOX WISMILAK Jakarta.

Throuhout 2018. The Company has realized budget of Rp112,900,000 for consumen sector.

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