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Ryan Ade Pratama Wins DSC 2014 Competition

Monday, December 22nd 2014
DSC 2014

The annual competition for aspiring entrepreneurs, Diplomat Success Challenge 2014 has successfully come to an end. The competition that started on 23 June 2014 proudly present the new winner: Ryan Ade Pratama with his business: ‘Cajon Instrument’. The 26 years old candidate from Jakarta is very confident with his creative industry field, beating thousands of candidates also the other 3 finalists.

Ryan who started the business since 2010 also win 500 million bussiness capital from Wismilak. The prize is intentionally given to the winners for the capital of their business development. The inaguration was broadcast on TV One on Sunday, 21 December 2014 at 10.00 pm.

In the final, Ryan faced Lukman Hardy with his business proposal ‘Matcha Games’ (mathematic card), Lika Dika Fitranto with ‘Vitran Beverages’ and Aceng Hamudin with ‘3A Clinic’. Lukman and Lika Dian came as runner up, and landing a 200 million as business capital for each candidate. 

DSC 2014



Join Entrepreneur Competition with Success Character and Win Total Prize of IDR 1 Billion

Monday, June 23rd 2014


DSC 2014


DSC 2014The annual competion for aspiring entrepreneurs "Diplomat Success Challenge 2014" (DSC 2014) is being held by Wismilak Diplomat for the fifth time, with total prize money of IDR 1 Billion to the winners. This year, with the inspiring theme of "Successful Character", the aspiring entrepreneurs will be challenged in variety of character and mental endurance test, in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Submit your bussiness idea, be successful entrepreneur and win total prize of IDR 1 billion by sending bussiness idea. The registration open from June 23 until August 10 2014. For registration and more information, please visit: www.wismilak-diplomat.com





Diplomat Success Challenge 2013Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) is one of continues program of Wismilak Diplomat, to generate potential entrepreneurs in Indonesia with innovative and creative business idea . This year, 2013, DSC has entered 4th season with the program namely Diplomat Success Challenge 2013 and the theme for the spirit this year will be “Success for All Indonesian”.

Launched in 2010, DSC consistently encourages Indonesian citizen, especially entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates to take a part of this inspiring competition with their business idea. Having total prize of 1 (One) Billion Rupiah as business capital, with 3 contested regions i.e. West Region (centralized in Bandung) East Region (centralized in Surabaya) and Central Region (centralized in Yogyakarta), this season DSC 2013 reach ‘Singapura’ as additional contested region- dedicated for all Indonesia citizen that lived /work overseas (especially in South East Asia) and willing to be successful entrepreneur. 

In this 4th season, act as respectable jury or Board of Commissioners:
Surjanto Yasaputera (Wismilak Group Management) as Chief Board of Commissioner, accompanied by Helmy Yahya (Presenter, Entertainer, Professional Academic, President Director of ‘PT Triwarsana’ and ‘DAD’) and Antarina S.F Amir (Lecture of Universitas Indonesia, Professional Academic, Founder and Managing Director of Highscope Indonesia), both as commissioner.

The selection will be conducted and monitored by Ganesha Entrepreneur Club (GEC) that always commitment to support entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

DSC has produced productive and success entrepreneurs from first season. The winners are Yuri Pratama (with business idea of ‘Cultivation of Sea Urchin) as Winner of DSC 2010, Lailatus Sa’adah (with business idea of ‘Krawu Burger”) as winner of DSC 2011, and Andi Restu Wibowo (with business idea of ‘ Copra and liquid smoke’) as winner of DSC 2012.

For further information, registration and references:  http://www.wismilak-diplomat.com